Awesome Outdoor Apps

Camping and hiking and excursions—yeah, there’s an app for those.

When it comes to packing for a trip, sometimes your smartphone can compensate for other items. And when you’re packing light, remember that your smartphone offers a lot even when there is no reception or Internet connection.

Practical Apps


Both the iPhone and Android come pre-installed with a map application, instead of using them to find the nearest fast food, try using them for their ability to guide you anywhere. Each app offers driving and walking directions that can help you in your travels. If you want to actually track your path, invest in the app TomTom.


Most smartphones have a magnetometer, which means it is also a trusty digital compass once you download the right app. Try SpyGlass if you don’t like iPhone’s built in compass or check out Super Compass if you have an Android. With these bad boys you can easily direct yourself and avoid walking in circles. Even better, no Internet connection is required for these.


If you want to ditch the small flashlight, download the Flashlight app for the iPhone or Tiny Flashlight + LED for Android. These simple apps use your phone’s LED flash or you can have it fill your entire screen with a bright light so you can see.

First Aid

Safety is always a priority, and the American Red Cross offers an app for every smartphone. This first aid app provides safety tips, step-by-step instructions for common emergencies and videos with expert advice. It’s a pocket survival guide.

Playful Apps

Finding Fun

TrailBehind is an app available for the iPhone and Android that helps you discover trails to hike, mountains to conquer and campgrounds in your area. This app also has user generated reviews for various summits and trails around the country so you can decide if it’s up to your standards.


In the event you want to go on a hike or mid-day adventure and your friends are being lame, use an app like Meetup to find an outdoor group ready to run. An app like this is so good it’s available for both smartphones. Meetup is really about seeing new places and meeting new people.


For those interested in impressing the ladies, keeping the kiddies entertained or who are just into astronomy, an app like Star Walk on the iPhone helps you do star gazing right. This app sets to your location and educates you on the constellations, and even tells you when certain planets will be visible.

What do you think? Any chance you would use these apps? If not, what app do you think should be up here?

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