Remote Travel Destinations for the Wild and Crazy

While some people consider a vacation having a Corona in their hand beachside in Hawaii (not a bad gig) we’d give an arm and a leg to check out some of these remote locations worldwide for a real adventure.

We rounded up some of the most remote travel destinations we could think of that offer a solid challenge with sweet scenery. These hidden gems typically have small populations, so if you’re looking for a hiatus and a serious hike, put these bad boys on your to-do.

  • Cape York Peninsula, Australia

If you’re feeling wildly adventurous, the Cape York Peninsula is nearly untouched. In fact, this peninsula is one of the world’s largest undeveloped lands so you’ll have your work cut out for you in terms of trekking. Even the avid hiker won’t be able to explore the entire wilderness there; in fact, some regions of the peninsula have only been seen by helicopters. But hey, you don’t have to let that stop you.

  • Mutuo County, China

Even if you’re not religious, Mutuo is said to be a modern Eden. If you can get past the frozen zone of the Himalayas and then cross the 200-foot suspension bridge, you’ll land yourself in a serene land that remains disconnected from the modern world as we know it. The best part of Mutuo is the challenge of even reaching it.

  • Socotra

This place has been described as one of the most alien-looking places on earth, which says one thing to us: must-see. Found in the Indian Ocean, this island apparently houses plant life that is found nowhere else. Go for the white sand beaches, a hike, or spend time trekking across its mountain range.

  • Tristan de Cunha

The only way you’re getting to Tristan de Cunha is by boat. This remote island is off the coast of South Africa and touts a population of 271 people. Although the island does have satellite for Internet and TV, make no mistake that the rocky island is one of the most physically isolated locations in the whole world. We hear the deep sea fishing is great, and no doubt the view is worth the travel alone.

  • Supai, Arizona

And just to prove that there are still some places that are miles away from a Walmart in the United States, we wanted to throw in Supai. This town apparently still utilizes mules for snail mail. Located near the Grand Canyon, we’re sure you can find plenty of natural beauty, not to mention this town is also close to Havasu Falls.

If you have what it takes, and you’re craving adventure, these places certainly have something to offer. For us, these places can offer pride for the few privileged enough to see it.


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