Most Importantly on Solar Day: Worship the Sun!

As spring becomes summer, this year celebrate Solar Day like never before with tips from GOAL ZERO’s Solar Squad.

With the longest day of the year come opportunities to spend more time outside, help the environment and do wonders for your health. Instead of just preaching, those wacky guys from Power Wars have crammed their advice into this handy infographic.

At GOAL ZERO, Solar Day is basically like a national holiday. It’s special… sacred really.

Avoiding speedos to not become a sunburn statistic, drinking lots of water and saving energy by shutting off the lights are just a few ways the Solar Squad will ring in Summer Solstice.

Most importantly, they advise: Worship the sun!

Norm “Krazy” Krantz jokes that you could celebrate Solar Day by cooking bacon on the road when the pavement heats up to 119 degrees.

In all seriousness, though, no matter how you recognize Solar Day this year, don’t forget to work toward sustainability all year round. While the use of portable solar power is an important part of that, it’s easy to help by simply recycling your used-up batteries, as Walker “The Wire” Ford humorously points out.

Happy Solar Day 2012!

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