Honor Earth Day 2012

Going green is more than the latest fad—it runs deeper. In fact, it runs more than one billion people deep because Earth Day is one of the largest civic observations in the world. Joining the ranks of billions, Goal Zero is jumping in on the global celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd and we’re proud of it.
Earth Day 2012 is a way to highlight environmental and planetary concerns and people can celebrate it in a number of ways. To those who don’t know how to celebrate Earth Day, we say: join us.

Part of the celebration of Earth Day is about education, and there are countless ways to get involved. In our celebration of Earth Day, we’re sending our rock star Goal Zero representatives to educate and inform people about solar powered solutions and energy efficient alternatives. If you happen to live in Utah, you can check out our complimentary presentations at the:

• Discovery Gateway children’s museum in Salt Lake City on April 20th at 1 p.m.
• Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy on April 22nd at 12 p.m.

Because we’re all things outdoors and adventure, we love a good cause that promotes a happy, healthy environment. We’re anxious to be part of something bigger and better, and we want to offer valuable information that helps people be a little more conscious of their carbon footprint.

Friendly followers and interested individuals who want to check out what we have up our ‘Earth Day sleeve’ can expect a few things. Learn the basics of solar energy, discover how solar power works, and come to understand the significance of how and why utilizing power from the sun is possible and preferential.

Spoiler alert: you can expect to see first-hand some of our best products that help protect the environment in their own way. Our professionals are coming prepared to each presentation equipped with a number of solid energy conserving products like our Nomad 7, Escape 150 Power Pack, and the Escape 30 Solar Panel to show you the different ways you can minimize your environmental impact.

In the end, Earth Day provides a chance for people to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and consider the small steps they can take to live greener and healthier. Our team at Goal Zero stands confidently behind the cause and this weekend is packed with good times. Let’s celebrate!


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