Inside GOAL ZERO: Nicknames

We are the first to admit the Goal Zero team is an irreverent bunch of peeps. We live by our own motto of living life to the fullest. Life does not begin when work is over. It is one and the same. That is why we all love our jobs so much (most days anyway).

Nicknames are one of things at Goal Zero that pretty much everyone gets. Some are out of necessity since there are seven Dave’s, three Scott’s , two Nick’s and two Bryan’s that all work here.

Norm Krantz – VP of Product Development aka “Kick-Ass Krantz”
Scott Young – Director of Finance aka “Blaze”
Dave Peterson – Social Media aka “Petey”
Dave Smith – Senior Systems Engineer aka “Solar Dave”
Scott Twitchel – Warehouse Associate aka “Twitch”
Bart Miller – COO aka “Barticus”
Jon Heinzen – Graphic Designer aka “Johnny Jon Jon”
Eric Hawke – Warehouse Associate aka “Hawk”
Bryan VanAllen Distribution Manager aka “Bee VanA”
Kyle Parkin, Creative Director aka “Beardsman”
Scott Sorensen, Head of Consumer Marketing aka “Scoot ”
Walker Ford, Electrical Engineer aka “Texas Ranger”
Todd Switzler, Account Manager aka “Twizzler”
Dave Rosner, R & D Associate aka “Roz”

Granted some names are more creative than others but it really shows we are like one big happy family.

Want to join our team? We are currently hiring a Costco Roadshow Scheduler and Junior Account Manager. Send resume to


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