Climb For Memory

Just a few days ago, our Goal Zero rep in Florida was approached by mountaineer, Nelson Dellis. He’s an enthusiastic, 27 year old owner of the NOMAD 7. Recently, Nelson embarked on a cause called the Climb For Memory. A few years back, his grandmother passed away, having spent the last period of her life struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. Determined to make a useful contribution to furthering preventative research for this condition, Nelson set about climbing the worlds highest peak, Mt. Everest.

The climb, as you may imagine, presents a wide array of technical difficulties; not the least of which is malfunctioning gear. When I spoke with him on the phone, he told me that many of his travel companions struggled to keep their various devices charged and in good working order. Nelson experienced no such issues. As an owner of the NOMAD 7, Nelson was always able to keep his devices charged and functioning simply by strapping the device to the outside of his backpack.

At Goal Zero, we cultivate and maintain a culture of Zero Apathy and Zero Regrets. Ultimately, Nelson reached the Hillary Step before an issue with his oxygen tank prevented him from safely moving forward, but he still showcases the mentality that we love to see in our advocates. We’re glad that our products were able to assist him in his cause, and we hope that you too find the reliability and freedom that comes from using Goal Zero gear.


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