Expedition to Africa: First Ascent Kayak Team

Jesse Coombs and Darin McQuoid of the First Ascent Kayak Team emailed us this weekend the low down on how the GOAL ZERO gear performed on their latest expedition:

“Darin McQuoid and I just returned from the First Ascent Kayak Team’s expedition to Africa. We traveled to Uganda, a wonderful country where typical of most third world countries, power supply is intermediate at best. As always we spent a lot of time in the field and on the river removing us even further from power sources. Yet this by no means reduces our need for electricity to power our video cameras and DSLR cameras for capturing the expedition.Thankfully we had the perfect solution: GOAL ZERO.

For our expedition we carried the Sherpa 120 Explorer Kits, the Nomad 7M Solar Panels and Light-a-Life 3W lights. It was the perfect combination. The Sherpa 120 Explorer Kits kept our cameras up and charged as well as powering our laptop for image backup. An added bonus was the USB plug in, allowing us to keep our MP3 players charged and sanity in check during long car rides. The Nomad 7M Solar Panel was perfect for our Satellite Phone allowing regular updates and the much needed level of safety of communication. And the Light-a-Life was equally as good at giving us light to work with around camp. The images we brought back on this expedition would not have been possible without the reliable power of GOAL ZERO!

The GOAL ZERO equipment was invaluable on this trip and we are really glad to be able to bring back the images and write up. Additionally we would love to continue working with Goal0 on future expeditions.”

We look forward to helping them power and test our equipment on future expeditions. Check back for more reviews.


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