My Favorite Hike

Eric Larsen, one of our GOAL ZERO ambassadors, has been graciously feeding us his expedition journal. Below please find his most recent entry.

“I have been in Nepal for over one month and at base camp for nearly three weeks. Each morning I wake up and look down the Khumbu valley. To my left the lower ice fall; my right Pumori. It is a stunning view and one that I have yet to tire of.

We are starting to make summit plans although much depends on the weather. The ‘boys’ left for Camp 2 today and hopefully the South Col tomorrow to fix ropes from Camp 3. The goal is to finish this work in a few days. My hope is to climb up to Camp 2 tomorrow, Camp 3 the next day and then back down the day after. From what I understand most western climbers use this time to rest, but I was hoping to do my ‘little extra’ and get better acclimatized and hopefully improve my chances of success.

Our very tentative goal is to make a summit attempt within the next two weeks. Of course, there are many things that need to fall into place between now and then; fixed ropes placed to Camp 4 (South Col), supplies brought to Camp 4, and of course the ever worrisome, good weather – not only the gear relays but for several days prior to the summit. It is both exciting and daunting to be having this conversation.

Since the Japanese compound has been disassembled, our small camp is the most noticeable in the area. And as the Nepal trekking season reaching a peak, we are now the biggest show in town (so to speak). We now get several visitors a day making the hike up from Gorakshep. Yesterday, a couple from New Zealand walked up and asked, ‘Are you Eric?’

Turns out that they had heard of me from another couple from the states who I had met briefly at a cook out in June were in Gorakshep.

Bret and Jenny, both from Boulder, are taking a year off from their jobs and traveling. It worked out that our time in Nepal – Everest Base Camp – aligned. I was both excited and disappointed as I was going to be climbing up to Camp 2 and would miss their visit. I decided to take matters into my own hands and hike to Gorakshep and say hi.

It was a really nice visit and I enjoyed hearing about their adventures: teaching English in China in exchange for room and board, living off the land in remote Borneo, and much more. With very little interaction with others, it was a rewarding experience to share stories with like-minded individuals and I left with my spirit filled. I knew would think about the small details of our conversation for the days to come.

I walked back to Base Camp alone. Most of the other tourists had already made the trek up and down. It was so quiet. As I walked, I thought about the gear I needed to pack and prepare for tomorrow. Looking around I tried to notice new details about the surrounding peaks. Behind me the soft orange glow of sunset was beginning to fill the lower valley and only Everest was tall enough to catch the last yellowing light of the evening.”

Image: Brett, Jenny and Eric Larsen in Gorakshep.


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