Tales from the Outdoor Retailer Show 2010

We are back in action after an overwhelming Outdoor Retailer Show last week. The show opened last Tuesday with a flood of peeps who wanted to check out our newest gear. Heck they loved it so much they waited in line to get their hands on it. Let us introduce you to the NOMAD 7M. It is a handy, little, power packed piece that can pump some serious wattage into a notebook sized panel.

Recharge & Go!

The NOMAD 7M panel is our first that gives you the ability to plug in and charge directly from the panel. Plug in your USB or 12V adapter to charge your devices. It is powered by highly efficient mono-crystalline solar cells that delivers up to 7 watts of power. Integrated reflective nylon cord loops make the NOMAD 7M easy to hang and find. The NOMAD’s internal pocket neatly stows your device or accessories. The NOMAD 7M priced retail at $99.99.

It was nice to get out and mix it up with some of our GOAL ZERO Adventure Team members, Eric Larsen, Steph Davis, and Jimmy Chin and to meet some future team members. Thanks for a great show!


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