Eric Larsen: We struggled today…
Eric Larsen jumping ice gaps.

Eric Larsen jumping ice gaps.

We struggled today in the morning with low visibility, ice blocks and drifts. Our bearing takes us perpendicular to the long ridge lines of steep snow drifts. It is hard work skiing forward. We did get lucky with a couple newly frozen leads that spanned in exactly the same direction we wanted to go. However, they are still wet and slushy and the thin layer of snow on top sticks to our ski skins which makes it hard to ski. We decided to take off our Madshus skis and walk. It was a nice break, but we were soon back in deeper snow where we rely solely on our skis now.

There were two bits of excitement today. First, we had another track and field meet – meaning we had to jump across a four foot wide gap (too wide to span with skis, too narrow to swim). Later, we would ski into an actively pressuring ridge and hop across unstable brash ice on the other side. Both situations were potentially dangerous, but realistically more fun than anything else.

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