I was heading directly toward the rocks on the North East side…

Greg just wrapped up his second sea trial after being hit by a storm that would challenge WiTHiN:

I was staying in WiTHiN docked at the Marina in Ucluelet. The Marina is situated on a protected peninsula 2 nautical miles north of the entrance to the Ucluelet inlet. The original objective of the offshore sea trials was to pedal a distance offshore and sleep overnight in WiTHiN, but the weather forecasts were for more gales and a storm warning, so staying out all night was not a safe plan. When I arrived in Ucluelet on March 29th as Clive was sailing Theodora from the east side of the island through the storm, I could actually see the spray puffs from 6 meter waves crashing against the reef from the far end of the inlet 3.7 nautical miles away! Up to that point, I had made day trips out into the swell past the entrance to the inlet for 3 days and had spent considerable time maneuvering WiTHiN through 4 meter swells that entered from 2 channels which created an unpredictable mayhem of criss-crossing waves. So far, WiTHiN handled the conditions very well.

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