Shannon to Discuss Bikes breaking Barriers in Afghanistan

On Thursday, April 8, AAUW Lakewood will proudly present Shannon Galpin, founder of Mountain 2 Mountain, at the branch’s annual membership meeting. Ms. Galpin will speak at 7:00 p.m. at Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church at 920 Kipling St. in Lakewood, and AAUW Lakewood welcomes the public at this free event. Come a little early and meet our friendly branch members — then be inspired by Galpin as she explains how one can create viable opportunity for women and girls amid seemingly overarching oppression!

Galpin will discuss her unique approach to working in Afghanistan: riding her motorcycle through the streets of Kabul, walking the markets, and sleeping on the floors of rural-village families. M2M and Galpin work diligently alongside community leaders in remote areas in Afghanistan to develop programs to educate and empower women and children, while fostering sustainable economic opportunities — all of which contribute to positive change in attitudes about gender in Afghani society.


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