Go Sonja at the Moab 100

Moab 100 from sonjawieck on Vimeo.

We were at the Moab 100 this past weekend with GOALØ adventurer Sonja Wieck. This was her first 100 solo attempt on a pretty technical course running through and over streams, up and down feature rich slick rock, and between fluctuating air temps – cold in the shade and HOT in the sun – tough to manage the layers making the laps around the course. Sonja had an amazing performance – crushed the course as she battled the physical and mental war waged when tackling 100 miles. For Sonja’s review of the race and pictures visit Sonja’s blog at www.gosonja.com. Thank’s to Reid Delman and his entire team at Gemini Adventures for the great event and steady flow of hot food and water!


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