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Emergency Solar Power : Portable Solar Generators

Is it possible to keep life normal in times in crisis?
Being the in dark and powerless is the last thing most people consider and plan for when preparing for a crisis. Whether it is a summer thunderstorm or something more serious that takes the power out, being in the dark can create even more hardship and cause increased anxiety. 

Don't let that be the case, be prepared with your own personal power system that gives you and your family unlimited power and light during emergencies.

With no fuel to store, no fumes to worry about - Goal Zero generators are safe to use indoors, generate completely silent portable power that can be recharged from the sun! Be even more prepared and check out the complete list of Goal Zero backup power supplies, because no one likes to be left in the dark

Emergency Solar Essentials Kit
Emergency Essentials Kit Basic
Emergency Solar Essentials Kit
Emergency Essentials Kit Deluxe
Emergency Solar Essentials Kit
Emergency Essentials Kit Supreme
Keep your phone charged to stay connected with loved ones and light the dark corners of your home or office. Power phones as well as tablets or laptops to stay caught up with work or entertain the kids; light common areas in the house; power critical home health care equipment - CPAP machine, heart rate monitor. This is the ultimate in emergency preparedness, offering you the ability to power anything from electronic devices to tools and home appliances.

  • Guide 10 Plus Recharger - Store the sun's energy in AA batteries for recharging your phone or tablet later.
  • Nomad 7 Solar Panel - Collect power to charge the Guide 10 Plus Recharger. Or, use the solar panel to charge your phone directly from the sun in 1-2 hours.
  • 4 rechargeable AA batteries
  • Escape 150 Recharger - Store the sun's energy for charging phones, laptops, tablets, lights, and CPAP machines.
  • Boulder 15 Solar Panel - Collect power to keep the Escape 150 Recharger topped off and ready to power devices.
  • Light-A-Life - bright 3 watt LED lantern light that can hook anywhere and is chainable to create even more light.
  • Yeti 1250 Solar Generator - From phones, to laptops, tablets, computer, TV's, refrigerators, freezers, washers, and dryers, the Yeti will keep you going through thick and thin.
  • Boulder 30 Solar Panels - With two panels collect 120 watts of power to keep the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator topped off and ready to go.
  • Boulder Carrying Cases - to Protect your solar panel investment when in transit or not in use.

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What Other Customers Are Saying

Comments about the Guide 10 Plus Recharger:
"Most useful purchase in quite some time.
I purchased this unit as an introduction to solar recharging. I keep it with a ready bag for use in charging AA batteries, cell phones and other small items."
-Fin from Michigan
Comments about the Nomad 7 Solar Panel:
"Good 'til the last drop!
I used the Nomad 7 this last weekend on a short overnight camp and I must say that it functioned wonderfully. It kept a charge even until the wee hours of dusk and then the Guide 10 took over, pretty awesome."
Comments about the Escape 150 Recharger:
"In constant use at our home.
I use the kit to recharge all of our cell phones, Kindle Fires, and handheld video game units. It's been in use ever since it was opened by my husband for his birthday. Great product.
- Emily from Washington
Comments about the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator:
"Runs Everything!
This thing is a beast just like the name says! It ran my full size stainless steel fridge for 15 hours straight. I haven't found something that it can't run. I leave it plugged in the garage for any camping trip or power outage."
- Carl from Utah
Comments about the Light-A-Life:
"Superb Light-a-Life!
Just getting power back after a Pacific NW ice storm. Used three lights chained off of a 12AH battery. Lit up the house perfectly; hardly put a dent in the battery after 3 nights use.Originally bought these for my camper; they're now a part of my storm preparedness gear. Well done folks, well done!!"
-Joel D.
Comments about the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator:
"Works really well!
Been using the Yeti 1250 for about 2 months at an off-grid cabin to run lighting, charge electronics and use powertools. I charge it using the panels and every once in a while run the generator to top it off as well. The Yeti is powerful enough to run a jigsaw, power drill, and charge my power tool batteries while doing contruction and it's great to be able to work without the noise of a generator - highly recommend it"
-Frank from California
Comments about the Escape 150 Recharger:
"Saved us during the power outage.
Last night when the power went out, I was able to hook up the battery to the daisy-chained lights and hung them around the family room. We were just fine reading books and talking until the power came on. I was pleased to see that after an hour of use that battery still showed 100%. This is the perfect set up to have."
-Whitney from Utah

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