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Escape 150, Estrella Light
Shannon Galpin
GOAL0's equipment keeps me connected and safe in Afghanistan. Keeping our laptops, video equipment, and phones connected while we are working in areas without electricity for extended periods is a real lifeline. The estrella lights and power packs are helping out rural communities for nighttime midwife deliveries, saving lives! This year it also kept us powered up while I became the first woman to cycle across Panjshir Valley. I'm so honored to be part of the GOAL0 Adventure Team! Mountain2Mountain.org
Sherpa 50, Nomad 13.5
Troy Yocum
It has been a blessing to have Goal Zero powering my hike across America. My Sherpa powers my ipad, 2 iphones, laptop and my hero cams so that I can stay in touch with the world and document my journey. We are the first cross-country walkers to go completely green and Goal Zero is the reason behind it all. Just last week we were in the middle of the Mojave Desert skyping into National news while charging!!!! www.drumhike.com
Sherpa 120, Ranger 350
Warren Workman
As a filmmaker, I need to have the flexibility to film wherever. I also need my gear to run as quietly as possible. The Rangers and Sherpa's don't make a sound and I have used them for almost all of my video productions this year.
Sherpa 50, Nomad 27, Nomad 7, Estrella Light
Jennifer Watt Hamilton
I've been using GOAL0 since the very beginning and they haven't let me down. My new love is the 7m solar panel. I've used it car camping with the kids and on long hikes/snowshoe trips. Love the packability of the products. Used the LED lights/Sherpa 50 to film some night ice climbing and the 27w solar panel with my Sherpa 50 for longer treks. High quality, lightweight products with great customer service.
Nomad 27, Sherpa 120
Rick Miske
The Nomad series portable solar power panels have been a lifesaver for me on my many long expeditions in Argentina, Russia and the Pacific Northwest. It's great to be able to keep my music, phone, gps and other "necessities" powered and ready to go has been one of the greatest benefits to expedition planning.
Sherpa 120, Nomad 27
Steph Davis
The Sherpa setup is small, idiot-proof (luckily for me!) and perfect for allowing me to work on writing projects while camping in the back of my truck at climbing areas. I used to lose power on the macbook battery just when I was on a roll, so a renewable power source is a lifesaver. I like things that are small and simple, and this set up is great for me.
Nomad 27, Sherpa 50, Estrella Light
David T. Connolly
Just completed a two-week expedition into the mountains of Colorado. The lows averaged around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which killed my AAA and AA rechargeable batteries fairly fast. Using the 27M Nomad panel I was able to quickly recharge and get back into the action with a dependable GPS, camera etc. Even when the skies were totally overcast the Nomad was able to get a charge into the Sherpa 50. The Estrella LED spotlight was just right for lighting the tent with a cheery glow that really gave a boost to the team's spirits at the end of a long day of climbing mountains. Over the years I've tried other solar power solutions and found the results inadequate. Not so with Goal0!

Knowing that my equipment will be operational when I need it gives me the courage to push harder, further and higher than I've ever done before.
Sherpa 50, Nomad 27, Sherpa UI, Estrella Light
Mark Klodzinski
I have been using GOAL0's Sherpa 50, their Nomad 27m, Universal Adapter and the Estrella3 since their first prototype, and let me tell you that I found their gear to be my most important and favorite gadgets on my 4500-mile Walk Across America. While I was product testing GOAL0's Sherpa power packs and Nomad Solar panels back in January outside in the cold tundra of Buffalo, NY. I camped out for 4 nights in -7F weather, and it kept my cell phone and netbook charged even in the bitter cold. You can leave the Sherpa and Nomad outside day and night and it will not harm its function. I had the Nomad strapped across the backside of my pack to charge the Sherpa as I walked. The power cords ran to the Sherpa in the top of my truck and ran through the Camelbac hole in the top side, I could also keep my phone attached to my shoulder strap and run the USB connecter to the Sherpa to keep my Droid powered all day long as I used the Internet radio continuously.

I carried GOAL0's gear all the way down the east coast, down Myrtle Beach to Florida. From Florida, I walked the Gulf Coast to Beaumont Texas. I didn't have one minute of worry while being out in the middle of nowhere of having a dead battery on my cell phone, ipod, or camera. When I reached Texas I built a jogging cart for the next 2000 miles and attached the Nomad to the outside of the cart and it soaked in the rays all day long as I pushed West. At night as I camped or walked, I used their Estrella LED light to light up my way and my campsites. It is a VERY powerful LED, and will keep a site illuminated all night. It does not use as much juice as you would think. When I walked 50 miles in a 24-hour period to attend a Marine Corps Graduation on Parris Island, I used the Estrella light over my right shoulder to illuminate the swampy Railroad Tracks I walked upon. If you're an adventurer who wants to get off the grid, while staying charged this gear is for you!
Nomad 27, Sherpa UI
Eric Larsen
I just completed the Save the Poles expedition - a world record journey to the South Pole, North Pole, and the summit of Mt. Everest all in one year. During this journey, we faced all sorts of adversity: -40 temperatures, altitude, cold water submersion and much more. Put simply, these conditions destroy equipment and gear. Goal0 Nomad panels and Sherpa battery packs powered all my survival and communication equipment without any glitches in some of most extreme environments on Earth - day after day after day. If they worked there, they will definitely work everywhere else. I could not have been successful or safe without Goal0!
Extreme 350, Extreme UI, Light-A-Life
Jane Taylor-Kettren
I have been a HAM radio operator for the past 12 years. One of my biggest challenges over the years has been a way of providing readily available back-up electricity to my equipment at home, in the event of a prolonged blackout. Gas generators are not realistic, because they will require gasoline, which will not be available at the pumps when the grid goes down. Furthermore, it has a short shelf life when stored, even with additives. I came to the conclusion a few years ago that solar was the answer, but my options were limited. Since I received my Adventure Kit over the holidays, I have put it through various tests. I hooked all 6 of my radios to the Extreme 350 at once, and turned them all on receive. No power drain whatsoever. Next, I keyed up my 10-meter base station and ran 150 watts into the unit. The power meter showed 80% as I transmitted, but then came back to 100% when I unkeyed. I was thrilled. I did this for about 20 minutes, with the same results. I'm still showing 100% power on the unit. I fully recommend this unit to anyone who anticipates what may very likely happen, and wants to be prepared at home or in the field.

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