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From campsites to cliffside, GOAL ZERO
offers portable solar power kits for every need.

GOAL ZERO is an innovator of portable solar power systems that power a variety of USB, AC and DC devices anywhere… anytime. Providing a perfect blend of portability, power, and ease-of-use, GOAL ZERO products feature full solar energy systems – solar panels, power packs and accessories – each designed to work in concert with each other.

Featured Products:

Pocket-Size Kit
Backpack-Size Kit
Solar Generator
“It has been a blessing to have GOAL ZERO powering my hike across America. My Sherpa powered my iPad®, 2 iPhones®, laptop and my hero cams so that I can stay in touch with the world and document my journey. We are first cross-country walkers to go completely green and Goal Zero is the reason behind it all. Just last week we were in the middle of the Mojave Desert skyping into National news while charging!” - Troy Yocum