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SKU: 32409

Boulder 200 Solar Panel Briefcase



  • Solar Capacity: 200W (18-22V)
  • Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg)
  • Ideal for: Yeti Power Stations
  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline
  • Port Size: Anderson Powerpole

NEW PRODUCT! The largest of our monocrystalline solar panels (200W total) in an easy-to-carry briefcase form makes for the ultimate on-the-go setup. Whether you're boondocking, camping, or needing panels for your backup, the Boulder 200 Solar Panel Briefcase is ideal for any off-grid scenario.

  • Solar Recharge Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Stations Pairs best with Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Portable Power Stations and above, the Boulder 200 is a convenient way to transport a large amount of solar in one, easy-to-pack form. Comes with an Anderson Power Pole connector engineered to withstand higher wattage safely.
  • Removable Kickstands and Carrying Case Included Features adjustable kickstands for easy positioning, and built-in handle for easy carrying. Also includes a canvas bag for more protection during transport or storage.
  • Durable, Weatherproof Construction Made from lightweight aluminum and rugged tempered glass, it's designed to be portable enough to go where you need it, and tough enough to handle the elements.

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Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station Product Info

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Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station


NEW PRODUCT! From lights to laptops, refrigerators to power tools, run all your devices with the clean and quiet Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Portable Power Station. Designed to be the most versatile and innovative power station on the market, the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 features a patent-pending 1500W AC inverter designed to tackle any job, both indoors and out. No more extension cords, no more gasoline, no more fumes- simply put, the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 is dependable power at the push of a button so you can power anything, anywhere.

Learn More about the entire Yeti Family

  • Power at the Push of a Button - From USB to AC, the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium features the outputs you need to get the job done whether you're indoors or out. The multi-stage surge capability of the patent-pending 1500W AC inverter sets a new industry standard for portable power and allows you to power more devices than ever before - power tools, electric kettles, refrigerators, and more.
  • High-Quality, Replaceable Lithium Pack and Informative Display - The Goal Zero Yeti 1000 is built with a replaceable lithium battery, similar to what you would find in an electric car. Each high-quality battery is meticulously checked and rechecked for safety, and is continuously monitored by an internal, sophisticated management system. Also built into the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 is a real-time informative display, featuring a runtime/recharge time estimator, as well as a battery level monitor and an output/input meter.
  • Easily Rechargeable with no noise, no fumes - Keeping the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 charged and ready is as simple as plugging it in - to an AC outlet or even a solar panel (sold separately). Left alone, it will hold a charge for 10-12 months so it'll be ready for that unexpected blackout. Since it doesn't run on gasoline, the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 is completely safe to run inside a house, tent, or car.

  • Battery Capacity: 1045Wh (10.8V, 96.8Ah)
  • Power Output: USB (4x), 12V, AC (2x)
  • Weight: 40 lbs (18.1 kg)
APP 15ft Extension Cable Product Info

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APP 15ft Extension Cable


Extend cable length of Boulder 200 Briefcase by 15 feet for charging. More...

  • Input: Anderson
  • Output: Anderson
  • Used with: Boulder 200 Briefcase
Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station Product Info

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Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station


The epitome of unlimited, portable backup power for complete peace of mind. From phones to refrigerators, and everything in between, with the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station, you have the power to back up your life in any situation. Ditch the noise, fumes and gasoline and enjoy unlimited power from the wall or the sun. More...

  • Battery Capacity: 1200Wh, 100Ah (12V)
  • Power Output: USB (3x), 12V, AC (3x), Anderson Power Pole
  • Weight: 103 lbs (46.7 kg)

Boulder 200 Solar Panel Briefcase


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The solar panel does not hold a charge it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight. The Boulder 200 Briefcase comes with an APP connector, so it's designed to charge larger Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Stations. If you're looking to recharge things like headlamps, phones, and other USB devices, check out our foldable Nomad Solar Panels.


For the amount of Watts it gives, it will be most effective with the Yeti Portable Power Stations.


It delivers up to 200 Watts of power, but the angle of the panels and the cloud coverage can impact its performance. Avoid the shade. It will not work indoors.


  • Q: Is the Boulder 200 Briefcase waterproof?
  • A: Yes. The Boulders are designed to withstand the elements. What you're recharging from the Boulders is what needs your help to stay dry, so keep those power packs and power stations covered up and protected from the dust, rain and snow.
  • Q: Can I chain a Boulder 200 Briefcase with other Boulders?
  • A: Yes. the Boulder 200 Briefcase can be chained with other Boulder Solar panels including multiple Boulder 200 Briefcases, by using an APP combiner cable. For additional help picking the right combiner cable give our support center a call.
  • Q: How long will it take to charge my Goal Zero Yeti from a Boulder Solar Panel?
  • A: That depends on a few factors - how big the Yeti, how cloudy it is, how hot it is, just to name a few. All the Yetis allow for something called "pass-through power", this means you can be trickle charging your Yeti and using it to power your gear, all at the same time.
  • Q: Can I mount the Boulder Solar Panels to my roof?
  • A: The Boulder 200 Briefcase is not designed to be mounted permanently to a fixture; this briefcase fold-and-go style allows you to be more portable. For mountable panels take a look a the Boulder 50 and Boulder 100 Solar Panel

Charges the following:

  • Goal Zero Yeti 150: 3 Hours
  • Goal Zero Yeti 400: 4-8 Hours
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1250: 12-24 Hours
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1000: 10-20 Hours
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1400: 14-25 Hours
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1400: 29-57 Hours

Solar Panel:

  • Rated Power: 200W
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V
  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline


  • Anderson Powerpole: 14-22V, up to 14A (200W max)


  • Product SKU: 32409
  • Weight:  42 lbs (19 kg)
  • Dimensions (folded): 40 x 26.75 x 3.5 in (101.6 x 70 x 8.9 cm)
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 40 x 53.5 x 1.75 in (101.6 x 140 x 4.4 cm)
  • Warranty 12 months
  • User Guide: Download PDF
1 x Boulder 200 Briefcase with cord and built-in kickstand
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