Power Your Ride from the Sun
Goal Zero Guardian 12V Charge Controller


Charge Controller

Keep 12V batteries charged and ready to go for when you need them most. The Guardian 12V Charge Controller plus Goal Zero Solar Panel is the perfect system to protect your batteries when they're not in use..

  • Maintain 12V Batteries
    Trickle, recharge and maintain 12V batteries
  • Easy to Use
    Small and easy to use
  • Plug it and Forget
    Pair with a Goal Zero Solar Panel for a self-sustaining charging cycle

What It Powers

What It Powers
Any 12V Battery
Motorcycles Watercraft Lawnmowers
Snowmobiles Trucks Cars
Tractors RVs ...and more.

What It Powers

How It Works

How It Works 1. Collect Sun Energy - 2. Charging Port - 3. 12V Port for alligator clips

Tech Specs

1. Collect the sun's energy - 2. Charge sherpa 50 using the sun 6-12 Hours - 3. Charge your computer using the sherpa 50 2-6 Hours

Input (for Goal Zero Solar Panel) Output (for included alligator clips)
Charging Port 8.0mm15-20V, up to 6A (90W) 12V port 12-20VV, up to 6A (90W)
Charging Port 4.7mm 15-20V, up to 6A (90W)    
Weight 0.4 lbs (0.18kg) Dimensions 5 x 2.1 x 1in (12.7 x 5.3 x 2.5cm)
Built-in PWM lead-acid controller
Solar recharge times depend on weather conditions and battery size.
Chain multiple Goal Zero Solar Panels together to recharge faster from the sun.
Leave Goal Zero Solar Panel and Guardian 12V Controller connected to 12V battery to maintain charge.


Like all the Goal Zero products I have used in the past I was very impress with the performance and quality.
Most importantly for me is that it kept my battery full and my fish finder on my kayak working all day long.
This is so important for me when doing remote trips as I have a fish finder and bait tank running on 12V batteries that I must keep up and running for days at at time.
The Guardian 12v charge controller is the perfect fit for me while shooting episodes of The Kayak Fishing show.

-Jim Sammons, The Kayak Fishing Show

Besides the Guardian's ease of use, I found it to be made of quality materials which seem to be rugged enough to endure the harsh climates I often find myself. Goal Zero's Guardian uses the sun to provide a maintenance charge to your batteries and is easy to use. I can now maintain my batteries while at home or in the field without having to use electricity!

I was able to attach the Guardian to my vehicle and my battery in less than 5 minutes and my vehicle has been starting steady for the last year with no more dead batteries, even when I didn't drive my vehicle for weeks and even months. The Guardian product was a successful solution to my power problem and has been the easiest way I have found to provide my vehicle with a consistent power charge. Now, when I am out camping in the mountains and I leave the lights on in my vehicle for too long, I will never be stranded as my vehicle will always be able to charge when there is sunlight available.

-Chris McCullough, Ebay

On opening day you won't be dead in the driveway or – worse – on the water.

- Boating World

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