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Goal0 - Inspired by a Passion for Adventure
Goal0 - Inspired by a Passion for Adventure
We're a company that equips people seeking the farthest outposts of the world with the most innovative portable power products on the market. Field-proven in some of the most remote places on earth, we work to continually deliver smart, innovative power solutions that will change the way you adventure.
Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen, Polar Explorer

Modern-day explorer, Eric Larsen's life epitomizes adventure. A polar explorer, dog musher, adventure racer and educator, he has spent the past 15 years of his life adventuring in some of the most remote and wild places left on earth. Totaled, Eric has traveled enough wilderness miles to circle the globe over two times. Eric and his team members traveled to the North Pole, South Pole and the summit of Everest all in one year. The 'Save the Poles' expedition journeyed to these last frozen places in attempt to tell their amazing story while promoting clean energy solutions to the problem of Climate Change.
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Ingrid Backstrom

Ingrid Backstrom, Big Mountain Skier & BASE Jumper

Ingrid entered her first freeskiing competition when she was a ski-bum in Squaw Valley, California, in 2001, and she did so well she went pro. In fact, she's placed top 3 in 14 out of 16 freeskiing contests ever entered, including a first place finish at the Canadian Freeskiing Championships, Whistler, B.C., in 2004. Add a wilderness exploration by ski to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic Circle, on which her team made six first descents, a recent foray into BASE jumping, as well as an attempt this past summer to climb and ski an 8000m peak in Pakistan, a ski trip to Antarctica, and a first descent of 6000m Reddomaine in China last fall with a team from The North Face, and you can see that her interests within skiing push the envelope - you can't keep Ingrid in the park. She has spent the past 6 years filming with Matchstick Productions. Ingrid's segments have garnered three "Best Female Performance" titles and four Reader's Poll awards at the Powder Video Awards, and in 2007 she appeared in the big-screen documentary "Steep," about the history of extreme skiing. Ingrid is sponsored by The North Face, Volkl, Giro, Tecnica, Subaru, Backcountry.com, Squaw Valley, Crystal Mountain and GOAL ZERO.
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Mike McKay

Mike McKay, White Water Kayaker

Like many conservationists, Mike McKay believes that greater recreational use of rivers promotes a stronger recognition of their importance and a greater engagement from the broader public to protect them. Mike began kayaking rivers recreationally and as he got to know some of the fascinating people who dedicate their lives to protecting these precious waterways, he grew more motivated to tell their stories. As kayaking takes him and his crew to rivers, waterfalls and beautiful scenery around the world, he tells the story of each region's rivers, people and paddlers in a 12-episode series called CURRENTS. Mike's company, Five2Nine Productions is now looking to create partnerships with more schools and organizations around the world to use whitewater kayaking as a means to educate people about the risks threatening the world's rivers.
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Shannon Galpin

Shannon Galpin, Mountain2Mountain

Shannon founded Mountain2Mountain to create opportunity and venues for education in remote and impoverished areas of the world. On a mountain bike Shannon can often be found on the trails between Colorado and Afghanistan. "Our goal with Mountain2Mountain isn't to build structures and train women only to leave them in the same situation they started in with a few new skills of literacy and vocation. Our goal is to create catalysts within communities to improve human rights, gender equity, and the economic viability of communities on the fringe."
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Renan Ozturk

Renan Ozturk, Climber, Artist & Filmmaker

Renan discovered his passion for climbing while attending Colorado College. As a member of the small community of climbers there, he honed his skills, deepened his connection to the sport of climbing and dreamed of the remote and beautiful places it could take him. Renan graduated with a degree in biology but not before traveling to Nepal to study the language and culture of a country to which he is still intimately connected. During the last three years Renan has spent multiple seasons climbing in Indian Creek, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Squamish, and the Bugaboos. The stunning scenery of these locations serves as inspiration for Renan's other passion, his artwork, which is creating as much of a buzz as his rock skills. Renan is also an athlete for Black Diamond Equipment, Backcountry.com, The North Face, and Smith Optics.
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Sonja Wieck

Sonja Wieck, Takes on Everything

A two time national snowshoe team member (top 5 in the US), she is also a mountaineer, summiting 14ers for adventure. As an Ultra runner, she's raced on 250 mile relay teams, and 50K to 100 mile races, she believes that anything is possible with hard work and a smile. As an elite level triathlete Sonja travels the world to compete, from sprints to Ironman, training with 225 mile rides and 45+ mile runs. Once described by a teacher as ebullient, she brings an enthusiasm to encouraging others to gain their athletic spirit by hiking and biking with their children. She lives for adventure, incorporating rock climbing, hiking, backpacking and any other outdoor sport into her daily life. All these things are accomplished with a great smile on her face. Where will her next adventure take her? Her blog readers are all waiting to hear what's in store next for GoSonja!
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