Lichterketten zum Aufhängen wo auch immer Sie Ihre Nacht genießen möchten.

Helle Lampen mit geringem Stromverbrauch für weiches, gezieltes oder laternenartiges Licht.

Lighthouse Core Lantern & USB Power Hub


NEW PRODUCT! A good lantern shouldn’t be complicated. The Lighthouse CORE is everything you need in a lantern, 430 lumens of well-dispersed light with an easy-to-use brightness dial, a built-in, long-lasting battery, and a USB output, just in case. It also has a built-in hanger on top and magnets in the base for easy mounting and hanging.

  • Dimmable 430 Lumen Lantern A light you can dial to your exact needs. The Lighthouse Core puts out up to 430 lumens at its brightest setting, and features a brightness dial to adjust dimming and Dualite™ direction (360° or 180°).
  • Recharge Phones Features a 1A USB output and enough battery to recharge phones and other small USB devices.
  • Long Runtimes Up to 350 hours on an ultra-low setting or up to 4 hours on a super-bright setting.
  • USB Rechargeable With a built-in cable, all you have to do is unwind and plug into any USB port for a fully-charged battery in about 5 hours. Pair it with a Nomad Solar Panel and charge up from the sun.
Lumen: 430
Laufzeit: 4(high) to 350 (low) hours
Energie Ausgang: 1A USB

Lighthouse Micro USB Rechargeable Lantern


The smallest member of the Lighthouse family packs a big punch. USB rechargeable, dimmable and IPX6 weatherproof design, it's the perfect companion for the weight-conscious adventurer and pairs perfectly with Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panels.
Lumen: 150
Laufzeit: 7 - 170 Hours
Aufladen von: USB, Solar

Lighthouse Micro Flash USB Rechargeable Lantern


The same bright features as the Lighthouse Micro with an additional 120 lumen dimmable flashlight built-in. Pairs perfectly with Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panels.
Lumen: 150
Laufzeit: 7 - 170 Hours
Weather Rating: IPX6 Wetterfest

Lighthouse Micro Charge USB Rechargeable Lantern


NEW PRODUCT! USB Rechargeable Lantern + Flashlight + Recharger An all-in-one solution for an on-the-go person, perfect for the purse or backpack. Charges up from any USB port and pairs perfectly with Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panels.
Lumen: 150
Laufzeit: 7 - 170 Hours
Aufladen von: USB, Solar

Lighthouse Mini Lantern


Just like its big brother, the powerful Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Power Hub commands attention and to prove that smaller is better.
  • Dimmable, Dual LED Light Adjust brightness and direction for extended runtimes, up to 500 hours on low. Fold-down legs for maximum light dispersion. Built-in hook and magnets for versatile mounting.
  • Charge Phones and other USB Gear Built-in 1A USB port with 3,000mAh battery for up to one full phone charge.
  • Recharge Anywhere, Anytime Power up from Goal Zero Nomad solar panels, plug into any USB port with the built-in charging cable, or swap out the internal battery with a spare 18650 Goal Zero Battery.

VIDEO: "Lighthouse Mini: Thoughts from an Engineer"

Lumen: 210
Laufzeit: 4 - 500+ Hours
Energie Ausgang: USB

Lighthouse 400 Lantern & USB Power Hub


Our brightest lantern yet. The Lighthouse 400 Lantern and USB Power Hub gives you the brightest lantern light and recharges your phone.
  • Bright Light Anytime, Anywhere Dimmable and turbo settings for adjustable light, up to 400 lumens. Recharge the internal battery from any USB port or from a Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel. Use the built-in hand crank to charge up instantly and never be left in the dark.
  • Recharge Phones, Boost Tablets Internal lithium battery boasts 4,400mAh with a 1.5A USB output, enough power to recharge phones and tablets even off grid.
  • Hang It, Stand It, Store It Collapsible legs provide a stand for taller light and fold in for convenient storage. Built-in handle for easy carrying and hanging.
  • Dualite Directional Lighting Utilize 360 degree of bright LED light, or save on power and extend runtimes by illuminating half the lantern.
Lumen: 400
Laufzeit: 2,5 - 48 Stunden
Energie Ausgang: USB

Light-A-Life 350 LED Light


Bright LED light with 350 Lumens, and adjustable shade for lantern or focus light. Plus high/low setting and integrated cord makes this the perfect light for every adventure.

Multipurpose Light
Adjustable shade design for broad area light or warm lantern light with high/low settings. Perfect for an outdoor camp or inside a tent.
Easy to Hang, Chain and Store
Built-in carabiner and magnets so it's quick to hang anywhere. Chainable with up to 8 lanterns. Features convenient cable storage.
Power from Goal Zero Power Packs and Solar Generators
Low-power draw for extended runtimes. Requires a Sherpa Power Pack or Yeti Solar Generator.

GZ Interview: "Light-A-Life 350: Thoughts from an Engineer"

Lumen: 350
Energie Ausgang: 4.5W
Energie from: Sherpa or Yeti

Light-A-Life Mini USB Light


Bright mini USB light with 110 Lumens, and collapsible diffuser for lantern or area light. Chainable LED light that pairs perfect with any Goal Zero recharger. Plus additional colored shades can be purchased to fit any adventure.

Bright and lightweight, 110 lumens capable of lighting up a tent. Collapsible diffuser for soft or spot light. Chainable with up to 4 lights. Carabiner included for hanging.
Low-powered draw for long-lasting light from any USB port, including Goal Zero rechargers.

Lumen: 110
Energie Ausgang: 1.75W
Energie from: USB port

Light-a-Life Mini Quad USB Light Set


Four 110 lumen LED lights with colored and white shades included. Collapsible diffuser for lantern or area light. Chain two quads together for maximum light.

High/Low settings allows for longer runtimes. Pairs well with Goal Zero Flip 30 or Venture 30 Rechargers and runs from any USB port. Carabiners included for hanging and mesh bag for storage.

Lumen: 110
Energie Ausgang: 6.3W max
Energie from: USB port

USB Flashlight Tool


USB Flashlight Tool (110 Lumens) Wide angle for lighting up the trail or piercing the darkness. Made for use with the Switch 10 recharger (sold separately) or can be used with any live USB port
Lumen: 110
Energie Ausgang: USB
Energie From: Goal Zero Switch 10

Light-A-Life Mini Shade (4 Pack)


Swap out the shade on the Light-a-Life Mini LED Light. Personalize it with flexible, colored shades. Easy to slide on-and-off silicone shades creates a soft colored ambient light while directing a bright spotlight where you need it. Pack comes with a yellow, orange, blue, and green shade.
Information: 4 pack colored shades
Verwenden mit: Light-a-Life Mini
Liefert: Casts colored light for your LAL Mini

Torch 250 Taschenlampe


Holen Sie sich die zuverlässigste Not-LED-Lampe für alle Situationen mit der Torch 250 Taschenlampe. Eingebautes USB-Ladekabel, Solarmodul und Handkurbel für helles Licht überall. Rotlicht für Notfälle und USB-Anschluss zum Laden Ihres Telefons.
  • Mehrere Lichtoptionen für alle Situationen Verwendung als Taschenlampe, Flutlicht oder Notlicht. Sparen Sie Energie mit den Modi Hell und Halbhell.
  • Bleiben Sie während eines Stromausfalls versorgt Der integrierte USB-Anschluss lädt Telefone und speist Tablets, um immer in Verbindung zu bleiben. Langanhaltende, hochwertige Lithium-Batterie.
  • Laden Sie überall auf Eingebautes USB-Ladekabel, Solarmodul und Handkurbel für Licht überall. Haltbare, stabile Konstruktion.
Lumen: 250
Laufzeit: 7 - 48 Stunden
Energie Ausgang: USB

Spot USB Taschenlampe v2


Leichtgewichtige, leistungsstarke wiederaufladbare Spotlampe. Mit 240 Lumen, Soft-Grip-Beschichtung mit Ein-/Aus-Drucktaste Wiederaufladbar mithilfe USB, Solarmodul (nicht inbegriffen) oder in ihrem Auto mithilfe des beiliegenden Adapters.
Lumen: 150
Laufzeit: 3 Stunden
Ladezeit: 4 hours

Luna Touch LED Light


IMPROVED PRODUCT! The Luna Touch is a 1 watt USB stick light that is handy to illuminate anything from a keyboard to tent. Turn on/off the Luna Touch by simply touching the end. The Luna Touch's low power draw makes it a long lasting light solution. Powered from any USB port or perfect when used with a Goal Zero recharger or power pack.
Lumen: 50
Energie Ausgang: 1W
Energie from: USB Port

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