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When The Batteries Die, So Does The Narrative

Guest Post by Rachel Rudwall The world’s a vast and fascinating place. As such, the opportunities for adventure are endless. Yet, the further one roams from the beaten path, the more difficult it becomes to relay a story to the outside world. Until now, that is—the age of mobile power solutions. As TV Producer, On-Camera Host and Photographer, I’m a storyteller who regularly drops herself into varied and remote locations to communicate their stories to outsiders. I’ve worked on six continents and journeyed through over forty nations, telling the tales of each location and the people that live there. Whether I’m in the mountains of Patagonia, the arid reaches … Continue reading

Year In Review: 2013

Over the course of 2013 we were able to be there to power and support moments. The type of moments that are life changing. The kind that stick with you. We were with Eric Larsen as he tried for the South Pole on a bike. We were with Mike Libecki in Kyrgyzstan as he put up first ascents in the Tien Shan Mountains. We powered Renan Ozturk as he shot photos of Alex Honnold free soloing in the Bugaboos.

12 Days of Power Giveaway

The holiday hustle is now drawing to a close. Egg Nog consumption is on the rise and final preparations are being made. The time has come to wrap up our 12 Days of Power Giveaway and announce the winners of the final six days. We want to thank everyone who participated and wish all of you the best this Holiday Season!