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The combination of river rafting and mountain biking is perfect for Eric Porter and Kelly McGarry. They’ve teamed up to explore the trails and landscapes not accessible by car. Completely off the beaten path in the little town of Green River, they were able to power their cameras and capture awesome photos. They stayed solar powered up with the Sherpa 120 and a couple Nomad 13.5 Solar Panels which you can see sprawled out on the raft. Read & see more here

Journey on a Dory in the Grand Canyon

Guest Post by: Bhaskar Krishnamurthy GOAL ZERO Equipment Used: Sherpa 120 Power Pack, Nomad 27 Solar Panel, and Sherpa UI As a photojournalist, I get most excited about the opportunity to travel and capture some of the exotic and the surreal experiences that await travelers in destinations around the world. Remote locales, such as a recent assignment in Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, pose significant logistical challenges. During this first visit to one of the natural wonders of the world, I was filled with enthusiasm, excitement and, of course, slight apprehension on how to sustain battery power for my camera … Continue reading

Expedition to Africa: First Ascent Kayak Team

Jesse Coombs and Darin McQuoid of the First Ascent Kayak Team emailed us this weekend the low down on how the GOAL ZERO gear performed on their latest expedition: “Darin McQuoid and I just returned from the First Ascent Kayak Team’s expedition to Africa. We traveled to Uganda, a wonderful country where typical of most third world countries, power supply is intermediate at best. As always we spent a lot of time in the field and on the river removing us even further from power sources. Yet this by no means reduces our need for electricity to power our video … Continue reading