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Executive Post: Together We Can End Disposable Battery Guilt!

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I have a severe case of DBG. DBG affects millions of adults who, like me, have lived on the West Coast of the US (especially Oregon or the San Francisco Bay Area) and people who watch television. DBG or “Disposable Battery Guilt” is treatable. Like most people, my staple has been disposable batteries. I still have mass quantities of unused disposables purchased at Costco. I use them for everything from the television and Wii remote controls to flashlights. When they run out I will be, inevitably, stuck in a pickle. Though … Continue reading

Renewable Energy Provides Solutions in Afghanistan

(Written by: Shannon Galpin, Mountain2Mountain) Green technology, renewable energy, sustainable and energy-efficient construction. These words are still cutting-edge in the West, but they are also integral to the rebuilding of Afghanistan. Most have gotten used to the idea that development work and reconstruction means ugly concrete blocks, built for function, not design. Many more take limited view that technology such as solar and wind power are novelties in a war zone, not necessity. Yet function, design, and sustainability should be commonplace in development and reconstruction work. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a daughter of an architect that makes the … Continue reading