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GOAL ZERO Welcomes Julian Carr To The Team

When you’re on skis standing at the top of a line that ends with a 100 foot cliff, being able pause and calculate distance, snow conditions, risk, and keep all your essentials powered is pretty critical; and Goal Zero’s newest ambassador can attest to that.


Chris Burkard makes his living by seizing and capturing moments. He plucks bits of time from his life and shares them with others. He has the right combination of work ethic, attitude, and eye for aesthetics to seize opportunities and to capture images that inspire. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Chris and hope you all enjoy his images as much as we do.

The Sherpa 100: Thoughts From An Engineer

We recently added the Sherpa 100 to our line of products and are very proud of this new Power Pack. A few days ago we took the time to sit down with Walker Ford, the Project Leader for the Sherpa 100, and ask him a few questions.