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Today is Earth Day! Get involved and do you part to protect the Earth and maintain her beauty. Here are some small ways you can constantly be helping: -Plant a garden -Recycle! Paper, Plastic, aluminum, steel, and glass can all be recycled. Look for a recycle symbol on your containers -When you see a piece of trash, don’t pass it up, Pick it up! -Go Solar! Start small with a Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit; Portable solar power for your phone -Use less water -carpool to work The world we live on is incredible! There is so much we still … Continue reading

Honor Earth Day 2012

Joining the ranks of billions, Goal Zero is jumping in on the global celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd and we’re proud of it. Continue reading

Eric Larsen's Expedition Arrive at the North Pole!

That the lead we camped next to closed overnight could only be a good omen we thought. But the Arctic Ocean, had other ideas. For starters, we drifted two and a half miles south while we slept. The first shift found us floundering through drifts, pressure ridges and small fractured pans. Later, Darcy asked that I navigate the last few miles to the Pole in honor of my efforts in organizing and leading the expedition. Personally, I would have prefered to ski in the back and take pictures but my hands were frozen so I agreed. For a while, I … Continue reading