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Brody Leven Guest Post: Gizmos on Denali

Gizmos are vital. In the outdoors, personal locator beacons provide a crutch in case of emergencies, iPhones allow us to call in late for work when the powder is just that good, digital cameras help us show our moms what the summit really looks like, and GoPros serve as proof that the cliff really was a 50-footer.

Sherpa 100: A Biased Opinion

Crashing on BLM land in Moab for a week, sleeping under the stars and sitting around the campfire with friends doesn’t allow time to head back to town for a charge. Long approaches with camera gear for an extended stay in the backcountry won’t permit much weight. Weight, size and usefulness are the biggest considerations for any extended stay in the backcountry, especially if you’re toting camera gear.

The Evolution of The Hunter

 As the air turns colder and the leaves begin to change, across the country hunters are making their final preparations. They spend the entire year gearing up for the hunting season, constantly reading and researching new gear that could lead to success in the field.  One thing this new gear has in common – great advances in technology. Back in the days of Fred Bear and Roy Case, your gear cache may have consisted of your handmade bow, a quiver full of precisely handmade arrows, a canteen, and enough food to get you through the day. Today, hunters everywhere are … Continue reading