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At the Shoreline and 40 Miles out at the Slick

The past few days we’ve been with Pro Surfer and Adventure Team Member James Pribram and Below the Surface at the coast. Our objective was to discover for ourselves what is happening and what needs to be done. The realities are saddening. The impact is far reaching. Earlier in the week we asked the GOALØ facebook community what the consequences of the spill might be to fishing and water sports. A fan wisely responded: why not ask about the impact to the entire ecosystem? He was right. Arriving in New Orleans on Thursday night the team gathered at a pub to … Continue reading

Exploration Team Responds to GOM Oil Spill

~Below the Surface, James Pribram Pro Surfer/Eco-Warrior and the GOALØ Team mobilize to assess pre-contamination conditions to establish a baseline for restoration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico~ New Orleans, LA – On May 5th 2010, the exploration team from Below the Surface (BTS), Eco-Warrior/pro-surfer James Pribram, and GOALØ are expected to arrive and hire local fishermen and pilots to charter their critical mission to assess pre-contamination conditions in sensitive habitats along the Gulf Coast. This oil spill has the potential to be the worst in America’s history and has spilled nearly 3-million gallons into the Gulf with no signs of slowing. If the … Continue reading