Tracking the Goal Zero Relief Squad

Keep track of Goal Zero, Interide and Team Rubicon as they bring power to those hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. You too can be a power of good in these dark times by helping with our You Buy One, We Give One: Hurricane Sandy Relief Program.

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11 Responses to Tracking the Goal Zero Relief Squad

  1. Brenda says:

    Where in Allentown are you distributing?

    • goalzero says:

      We are going to keep our blog updated, the semi truck arrives tomorrow morning and we will have more information at that time. I think we are staying in Allentown but distributing right in NY. Thanks for your patience.

  2. Bella Voyles says:

    I am in Princeton Nj and would love to volunteer my time the end of next week if you guys are still here and need the help. I love your products and would love to help get the word out how everyone should at least have a nomad

  3. Keith Bobrowski says:

    Thanks Goal Zero for helping us through hurricane Sandy. We relied on 2 Guide 10s, a 7w panel, and LED light to provide us with much needed light and cell phone charging during our 3 days without power.

  4. Rafael says:

    Im an emergency responder for the NYC Dept Of Transportation. If you need information on entering the city or where to set up you can contact the NYCOEM or The Mayors Office. Thanks for your help!

  5. Patrick Ford says:

    I’m down in NJ looking to purchase a Yeti. We’ve been without power for 6 days. Our neighbors received a robo call yesterday that said we should have power restored in 7-10 more days. Been charging my iPhone by goal o Guide 10, but not much more. Used it in Seaside Park while helping my volunteer first aid squad rescue Sandy victims. Now back home in Beachwood, no heat, no hot water and no lights. Hard even to find ice. We heard our substation is broken and lots of wires are still down. Not getting emails. Call my cell if you can help. 732-673-6413 thanks.

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